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Work with Jean

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of organizations to develop educational and financial wellness programs to help people better manage their personal finances. Finances are stressful—and many individuals lack the basic skills to get their financial lives under control. Whether your employees or your customers and clients are looking for solutions, organizations that offer this sort of help inspire loyalty and gratitude, as well as health and productivity.

Partner with me on a customized program. I develop integrated, multi-media and individualized programs, oriented toward the needs of your organization.  Program components can include: Webinars and podcasts, videos, special events (like town halls, client appreciation meetings), educational materials, newsletters and daily money tips. Topics can include any of the following (and more): 

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Spending
  • Credit
  • Money and happiness
  • Total benefits package
  • Debt
  • Relationships and money
  • Women and money
  • Financial wellness
  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Saving

Implement one of my “off the shelf” programs. Originally designed for the retail consumer, these programs are readily and easily leveraged by all kinds of organizations.

Arrange a speaking appearance for your organization. I make a number of personal appearances each year, giving presentations based on my research and taking questions from the audience.

Media inquiries – Set up an appointment to speak on the phone or in person.


Companies and organizations I’ve partnered with include:

My partners say:

After the economic crash of 2008-2009, Americans were looking for information and ways to rebuild their finances. And, at the Principal Financial Group, we were looking for a money expert we could partner with. Someone who could take complex topics and make them simple. Someone who could inspire—tell stories of real people with real financial dreams. And someone who could give practical advice about how to reach those dreams. Jean Chatzky was the best fit for us—and continues to be.

Jean has shared her talents with us in many ways—in front of the camera for videos, in-person appearances for an array of audiences (financial advisors, business owners, everyday investors and even our employees), and in educational content pulled from any of the numerous financial books she’s penned.

Over and over again, Jean delivers great work for us. She’s smart. She’s witty. She’s approachable. Jean’s a journalist and a financial expert, but the reality is, she’s also someone you want to chat with over a cup of coffee.

–Eva S. Quinn, Vice President, the Principal Financial Group

The Debt Diet

The Debt Diet is a dynamic and innovative mobile-optimized online program that helps individuals find $10 a day – in their current budgets – to put toward paying down debt. Once extra money is in hand and debt has been paid off, The Debt Diet will help individuals build an emergency cushion so they don’t slip back into the red when an unexpected expense pops up. After all, the goal isn’t just to get out of debt – it’s to stay there.

Essential to the success and broad applicability of The Debt Diet is that it’s customized to the needs and mindsets of each individual—who could be your customers or employees. The program can help all individuals through its interactive exercises that are matched to each individual’s needs and readiness to change their spending and saving behaviors.

Learn more by reading The Debt Diet program brief, and checking out the video below which will give you a taste for its many actionable exercises.

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