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Wednesday Welcome: Saving for Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

I’m excited to have John Schmoll as today’s guest poster. I met him when I spoke at FINCON — a financial bloggers conference — last year, and have enjoyed reading his blog Frugal Rules since. Today, he’s sharing his tips for saving for retirement when you’re self employed. 


John Profile PictureI have learned a lot about myself in the 18 months or so that I’ve been self-employed. I’ve learned about what truly motivates me, what I do in the face of a challenge, and how easy it can be to let things slide by.

One particular area that I’ve been guilty of letting slide by over the past year is actively saving for retirement. Gone is the 401k and the ability of getting that nice employer match – it all rests on my wife and I now. I’ve learned that even with the ups and downs of self-employment it is possible to have balance and put away money for retirement, though it takes action on your part.

Months Turn in to Years

If you run your own business, you know better than most that time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it in a day. As a result, time passes and things get delayed as you implement an “I’ll take care of it tomorrow” mindset.

The problem with this mindset, as it relates to retirement investing, is those days turn into months and thus you lose that precious time needed to grow your portfolio. This temptation to delay happens to the best of us and the best thing you can do is take the bull by the horns and actively engage with your retirement investing now.

Know Your Options

Many employers offer a solid framework you can use to save for retirement in a 401k. Often, entrepreneurs allow this lack of framework to hold them back from saving for retirement. If you’re self-employed, there are many retirement saving options you can use to create your own framework:

Most brokerages offer all of these options, but make sure you find the one that works best for you and has either no fees or low fees so you can have more of your money working for you.

One nice added feature is that you can invest in virtually anything in these retirement accounts vs. restrictions you might face in an employer-sponsored 401k. Thus, you have access to lower-fee index funds as opposed to being forced to choose between several higher-fee funds – which means more of your money can work for you.

Look at Your Priorities

The problem many face in their self-employment journey is fluctuating income. You could have a stellar month followed by one that is barely enough to get by. When dealing with this fluctuating income there are a number of things to look at:

Taking a serious look at some of these things can not only reveal what your priorities are, but it can also show you that you do have money you could set aside each month or quarter for retirement. Of course you still want to be able to live life, but you don’t want to do it at the expense of sacrificing your future for the present.

Saving for retirement while running your own business does present some unique challenges, but it’s not impossible. Making it a priority and knowing your options will set you up to succeed in the long run.

About John: John Schmoll is the founder of Frugal Rules, a blog created to help people experience financial freedom through frugality. John is passionate about budgeting, saving and investing and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others so they can avoid making some of the mistakes that he made. A veteran of the financial services industry, John has an MBA in Finance and experience as a licensed stockbroker. You can find John online at and follow him on Twitter at @frugalrules.

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