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Wednesday Welcome: Five Baby Products Parents Can Skip to Save Money

We’re thrilled to welcome Keri Peckham from the blog Time is Money Mommy — she’ll be talking about baby products you can skip. Having a baby is so exciting, but it can quickly make you feel like you’re bleeding money — kids are expensive! We thought her post was a breath of fresh air. You don’t need every product on the market to be a good parent, we promise.

photo5 cropThe royal baby’s arrival this summer made me think about the products new parents buy, hoping to make their lives easier or their babies more comfortable. Though Will and Kate have the money to purchase luxurious baby products, baby George left the hospital in a car seat and blanket, which are necessities for any new baby. Their purchases were not even particularly extravagant in comparison to some celebrity babies seen riding around in $1,000 strollers or swaddled in $200 blankets.

My kids are less than two years apart, so I know how easy it is to get sucked in to the multi-billion dollar baby products industry, especially with your first baby. Have you ever been inside a baby store? They are filled with adorable patterns, tiny clothes and blankets fit for a prince.

Baby products’ cuteness and promise of convenience makes it tempting to overspend. I learned that while certain items are essential (car seat, crib and diapers), other baby products are optional. If you’re like me and don’t have a royal budget, consider skipping the five items below to save money when shopping for a new baby.

  1. Stacks of baby blankets. Babies do need blankets, but they don’t need 50 of them. Have four or five blankets. Infants often go through several outfits each day and with the amount of laundry you’ll do, you will always have a fresh one ready when needed.
  2. Tummy time mats. Pediatricians suggest that parents place infants on their stomachs several times a day, to help them build up their head and neck muscles. As nice as tummy time mats are, beach towels or blankets serve the same purpose, and you already have them on hand. A no-cost solution!
  3. Wipe warmers. Infants are likely to cry and wiggle during a diaper change regardless of the temperature of the wipe. We don’t warm our toilet paper, so why set high expectations in the early years? Save your money.
  4. Bottle warmers. There is no nutritional advantage to warm breast milk or formula. Even if your baby does prefer it warmed, it’s just as easy to put the bottle in some warm water. And it’s free!
  5. Expensive high chairs. Babies are messy eaters. If you buy a pricey high chair, your baby will make a mess of it, and you’ll be scrubbing $300 plastic. There are several inexpensive options that attach to a dining chair. My Fisher Price version was only $25, and it converted into a booster seat for toddlers. I used it for both kids, so I definitely got my money’s worth.

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time. Enjoy it, but try to stay on budget!

About Keri: Keri Peckham established the blog to help busy moms (and dads) save time and money, so they can spend more time enjoying life with their families and friends. In addition to blogging, she recently started her own content marketing business. Keri lives in San Diego with her son, daughter and husband.

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