Episode 9: How I Found $1,000 & Learned About Grit From Ad Aces Linda Kaplan Thaler And Robin Koval

Grit – and a grand! In this episode of HerMoney, I fill you in on how I found over $1,000 in missing money (my own, embarrassingly) and how you can do the same. And, I get the down and dirty on GRIT and how the power of “Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity” can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Advertising aces Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, authors of a great new book on the subject, share how two girls from the Bronx with no special advantages, rose through the male-dominated, cutthroat world of advertising to run their own booming ad firm. They posit (and research corroborates) that the real secrets to success come through perseverance and determination more so than intellect or inside connections. Plus: Do you have your best ideas in the shower? Many people do and there’s science behind why. We’ll share. And when Kelly and I answer your financial questions, we tell you why stay-at-home moms absolutely need their own personal credit cards and how to find a legitimate charity. And when we “Thrive,” we’ll discuss how to you know whether a new job offer is good enough to jump for.
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