Episode 8: Your Money, Your Kids. The Opposite Of Spoiled With Ron Lieber

Tell your children how much money you make! That’s what Ron Lieber, NYT best- selling author, personal finance columnist and father says to do if you want to raise kids who are grounded, giving and yes, smart, about money. Ron caused quite a flurry when he challenged that generational taboo, and this week on HerMoney, we talk with Ron about money basics for parents and kids, starting with the tooth fairy through cell phones to college tuition. Get paid for chores? No! Have a say in how the family gives to charity? Yes! We also talk about why expectations for girls are still different than those for boys and how to change that. Then, Kelly and I will answer your financial questions about how best to start your kids investing and creating savings habits for life, and what to do (as debt nears an all time high!) if you have too many high interest credit cards. P.S. Stands for “Please Share.” If you like what you hear, please 1) share us on your Facebook and in every other possible way 2) leave us a review and 3) subscribe. Thanks!

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