Episode 50: The $50,000 Mistake. How Not Knowing Her Value Cost One TV Host Big-Time

Betty Liu, Bloomberg anchor and founder of Radiate, Inc., has interviewed some of the top CEOs in the world, but saying yes to an initial job offer literally cost her $50,000. She’s here to teach us how to learn from her mistake (one she never made again, by the way), and to help us build our emotional intelligence (EQ) to become more effective leaders at work — and at home. Then, Kelly and I talk about when to keep a credit card open “just in case,” financial preparation for having a baby and how best to start a college fund. Plus — finally — some good news on credit scores. Please keep those questions coming, write us a review and let us know how our show has made a difference in your financial life and you’ll be in the running to receive one of our “50 for 50” book giveaways, including my new, New York Times bestseller AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out Of Money Or Breaking A Hip.

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