Episode 42: The Future Of Work - Jean Chatzky - Making money make sense
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Episode 42: The Future Of Work

Is your job “have laptop, will travel”? Or more “Home Alone”? Or are you still part of the 9-to-6 (and counting) workforce and are looking for solutions to give you more of a life? Jennifer Berrent, Chief Culture Officer at WeWork — the communal office space company that’s quickly spreading across the globe — takes us through how she creates a culture and work space that reflects the needs of the new and dynamic workforce in it …and how you can do the same in yours. Plus, Kelly and I answer your financial questions about balancing paying off credit cards and/or funding an emergency cushion. And I’ve got tips for having your resume at the ready for the job you really want to land. As always, we not only welcome, but want your feedback. So please share HerMoney with your colleagues and friends.