Episode 40: Is Work-Life Balance Possible? Get Rid Of The Guilt, For Good

Work-life wellness expert Samantha Ettus says the answer to that question is yes (although perhaps not on the same day) and that you can eliminate guilt as part of the process. Our conversation was music to my ears — you’ve heard me complain about guilt before — but Sam’s strategies for releasing your inner badass made me feel significantly better. I think they’ll do the same for you. Plus, she’s offering some free copies of her new book, “The Pie Life,” for our listeners. Tune in for details. Then, Kelly and I delve into how much allowance to give your kids and how much you need to start investing. Plus, who doesn’t want to earn more money in 2017? In our Thrive segment: tips for getting that raise. Please share the wealth! Forward this link (http://ow.ly/3Miq307EfmJ) to a friend who needs it.

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