Episode 35: Millennial Money 101

There’s no disputing that millennials have had it rough — taking it all in as their parents stressed through the recession and graduating college in a lousy job market with a mountain of student loan debt. But that was yesterday. Today, just like the rest of us, millennials need to get their financial acts in gear. Financial expert Stefanie O’Connell has lived it (including a stint living on $225 a week), and now she’s sharing the wealth of her wisdom with the rest of her generation — and, of course, with us. Plus, we answer your questions about how to add a second credit card to your wallet (hint: carefully) and what to make of the Roth 401(k). And did you know your DVRs, baby monitors, streaming sticks and other devices could make you vulnerable to being hacked? We tell you how to protect yourself. Note: Please share this show with all your favorite millennials and the women who love them!

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