Episode 20: High Risk, High Reward! theSkimm Founders Share Their Story And Goal Of Empowering Millennial Women

Confession: Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg started theSkimm — the daily email newsletter you, I, and 3.5 million other readers start their morning with — by floating it on their credit cards. It wasn’t until this year that they dug their way out. And that’s only one of the things we learned when the HerMoney team sat down with theSkimm founders. Tune in to find out how they got their mojo and stick around for the outtake to find out why we were in the “Munch” conference room. Hint: It’s not about lunch. (This episode is one to share with all of your friends who want to start their own businesses!) Plus, Kelly joins me to answer your financial questions about when you may need a financial planner and how to transfer balances on your credit cards without it costing a mint. And, on this week’s Thrive, we cover the sometimes sticky situation of whether to loan money to family or friends. If you like what you’re hearing, please subscribe, encourage your friends to do likewise and leave us a review. Thanks!

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