Episode 18: What’s A Want Versus A Need? Sarah Newcomb Answers The Loaded Question

A bubble bath, a nice scotch and some slow jazz? Which are wants? Which are needs? I thought I knew until I sat down with behavioral economist Sarah Newcomb for this week’s episode of HerMoney. Newcomb, the author of a new book called “Loaded,” figured she could solve all of her own money problems getting tactical and practical — she even studied personal financial planning in business school. Yet, she still struggled with her money. Eventually a course on money psychology set her straight. “I learned I was afraid of money, and I hated it!” She’s come a long way since then and her candid advice made me think about my money — including a new way to frame the want/need dividing line — in ways I’ve never done so before. (And that’s saying a lot.) Then, Kelly joins me to talk about how Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) may be the best, tax-free savings option you’re not taking advantage of. And in our Thrive segment, strategies for embracing — and getting through — your money conflicts.

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