Episode 16: Live Longer, Live Younger! Your Best Age Is Now With Dr. Robi Ludwig

No more midlife crises! Tired of all the negative talk surrounding the word “midlife”? So was my friend and psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig — so much so, she wrote a book about it: “Your Best Age Is Now.” That’s why we’re re-framing the conversation on this week’s episode of HerMoney. Research shows women in their 40s, 50s and 60s are living longer and younger. In fact, despite the myths, midlife is the most creative time for us, because we know ourselves better than our younger selves. So, if you’re regretting not doing what you always wanted to do, get over it and do it now! Robi tells us how. And since work and feeling accomplished play two important roles in a woman’s transition into midlife, she also shares some great advice for dealing with work crises, too.

Speaking of regrets, we also talk about the financial ones and how to use them to your advantage to create new opportunities to fuel your future. Kelly joins me to answer your financial questions. This week we simplify that complicated emergency cushion formula and talk over something I needed to do myself: start from scratch after divorce. And, as we all swelter as temps rise (hello #HeatDome), we ask Kerry Cooper, CEO of Choose Energy for savings tips so that your wallet doesn’t feel the heat this summer. (We’ve got your wallet covered for winter, too.)

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