Episode 15: How To Put $500 A Month Back In Your Pocket And Jump-Start Your Savings Plan!

All those tips come courtesy of PureWow editor Jillian Quint. If you’re not familiar with PureWow, it’s a newsletter written like a note from your smartest girlfriend, who is always ahead of what’s trending when it comes to lifestyle, parenting and, yes, money. With Jillian, we take on sticky situations like splitting the check at a group dinner and talking with your parents about their retirement plans. And play along with us as we get down and dirty about when to save and when to splurge. Organic milk? Chicken? Car seats?

Kelly joins me to answer your questions about IRAs, and — since so many of you have asked how to choose a financial planner — we decided to invite Liz Davidson of Financial Finesse to give us some expert advice.

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