Episode 14: It’s All About Me! How To Take Credit –– Without Being Called A B**** & Actress Ali Sweeney On ID Theft!

Practice with me: “Yes, thank you. I’m very proud of that FILL IN THE BLANK accomplishment.” I know it’s hard for women to go from a “we” world to a “me” world. We’re all about the team. Less about ourselves. The problem is when we do this we don’t rise through the ranks, make more money and simply get credit for all the good work we’ve done. Just how can women learn to be more assertive at work and at home without being called bitchy?

Dr. Ben Sorensen, a charismatic leadership trainer and executive coach, knows how. I recently met him at a conference and wanted to share him with all of you. Ben and I teach you the right words to say to communicate more effectively –– without the backlash. Of course Kelly joins me to answer your financial questions, and in a very special Thrive segment this week, Alison Sweeney, you know her from “The Biggest Loser” and “Days of our Lives,” shares her distressing story of identify theft and how her fans saved her from more financial peril. Identify theft is all too common, so we tell you what to do to prevent it.

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