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Episode 12: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, Just Good Enough With Rene Syler

“I lost my job, I lost my breasts, I lost my hair and I found myself.” That’s Rene Syler, former anchor for CBS News’ The Early Show, on HerMoney explaining what happened in a tumultuous two years of her life. In this week’s episode, Rene candidly shares with us her transition from network news to entrepreneur, author and host of her new web series “The Good Enough Mother.” Rene is one of those women who makes me feel better about my parenting skills –– and honestly, myself — on a daily basis. We talk about why it’s powerful to own our truth rather than sugarcoat it. “I got fired, fired, fired, fired,” she says. We also dish on why women like us care so much about our hair. As always, Kelly joins me to answer your financial questions, this week seeking advice about small businesses and how grandparents can teach kids to save when their parents don’t. And, in our Thrive segment, what to do when your millennial can’t afford to leave home. We hope you’re enjoying HerMoney. Please share it with your friends, subscribe and leave a review to tell us what you think.