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Ep 99: Why It Pays To Be A Girl’s Girl

You probably knew this already: We’re girl’s girls (or, if you prefer, women’s women). We love supporting, empowering and working with other women, which are just a few of the reasons we were so happy to grab time with Gianna Wurzl and Ashley Sumner. They’re the founders of Quilt, the new female-only co-working start-up that enables women to work out of one another’s homes. We talk purpose, passion, productivity, matchmaking (you’ll have to tune in to figure out how that came up) and why working with (or alongside) other women helps you achieve your personal and professional goals. Kelly and I answer your questions on credit cards in college and the cost of assisted living communities. Oh, and there’s a new tax scam you’ll want to know about before your refund gets swiped.

P.S. Next week is our 100th episode! Can you believe it?! We passed on the Instagrammable balloons and opted for a full week of Bonus Mailbags instead. Starting Monday, you can expect a mini-episode in your Apple Podcast app every morning. As always, you can send us your questions here: http://bit.ly/2aZ7rkI.

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