Ep 94: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing And Better Finances With Daniel Pink

No such thing as the perfect time? Think again. Daniel H. Pink, author of six provocative books, including his newest, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” says timing is a science — not an art. Research shows we can make systematically better “when” decisions at work, at school, at home — and for our wallets. We cover short- and long-term financial decisions, including when you should get married (seriously) and how to identify your “chronotype” — the pattern of circadian rhythms that affect mood and performance — which will then tell you how to tackle your days (because productivity equals profitability). Late to the retirement savings game? Kelly and I discuss catch-up moves and when to take a severance package in Mailbag. And, if in addition to spending time with loved ones over the holidays, you spent a little too much on them (or yourself), then stick around for debt repayment strategies in Thrive.

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