Ep 91: Take Charge Of Your Health, Finances And Closet In 2018 With TODAY’s J Team

Happy New Year, and welcome to the very first show of 2018! When I was thinking about who I wanted to have on this show, it took me maybe all of two minutes to decide — my NBC TODAY sisters Jill Martin and Joy Bauer. For the past few years, we’ve teamed up for segments at the start of the year to help all of you kick off your money, health and organization-related resolutions. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this episode. From skinny cocktails to fatter wallets to creating a closet that has you feeling and looking like a 10 — we’re covering it all. In our first Mailbag of the year, we discuss how to broach the subject of estate planning with a parent and how to handle your 401(k) when your company goes Roth. And then, finally, back by popular demand, we run through a handful of services for selling or donating your unwanted goods.

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