Ep 90: You’re The CEO Of Your Body And Your Life. Own It With Robin Arzon.

“Know your worth and then add tax.” Our final show of 2017 is filled with empowering statements — and new life mantras — courtesy of our new girl crush Robin Arzon. Successful lawyer-turned-health-and-wellness-influencer, Arzon is the bestselling author of “Shut Up And Run,” and the Head Instructor and Vice President of Fitness Programming for Peloton. (I first met her on my bike.) As we shift gears for 2018, she gets us focused on our health and wealth so that we can make this year our best one yet. Then, Kelly and I answer your questions on 401(k) rollovers, financial considerations for caregivers and how to prioritize credit card debt with building emergency savings. Thank you for another fantastic year of HerMoney. We’ll talk soon…in 2018!

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