Ep 84: Race, Resilience And Money With Stacey Tisdale

Back in June, we took you with us to an event called “Winning Play$: Black Women, Feminism & Empowerment.” It was hosted by the fabulous Stacey Tisdale, a fellow financial journalist, who has reported on business and finance for more than 15 years. We sat down with her and Gloria Steinem for a discussion on race, money and power. The thing is, we barely scratched the surface. And some of you wrote us — including Whitney, who you’ll meet in Mailbag — and said: “More, please.” We agreed. So we’re back with Stacey this week to pick up where we left off. We discuss feminism, race, resilience and entrepreneurship. Please let us know what you think of this conversation (you never know who we’ll invite to the studio next)!

Website mentioned on the show: www.kidfund.us

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