Ep 77: Write Your Own Rules And Find Your Joy With Hoda Kotb

Like a fine wine, Hoda Kotb keeps getting better with age. This week she takes us through the pain points of her 40s — cancer, divorce and thinking children might not be in her future — and how all of them made her fearless. She also tells us how now, in her 50s, she’s in a job she pushed for, in a relationship that makes her happy and, best of all, a mother to her baby, Haley Joy, who she adopted earlier this year. She’s living her life by her own rules and sharing how you can do the same. Then, Kelly and I answer your questions on how to handle your bank accounts post-Equifax breach and whether or not a company credit card can affect your credit score. And, if you’re looking to donate after the recent storms, we cover smart and safe ways to give back so that your dollars are being put to good use.

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