Ep 73: Launch Your Gig (Side Or Otherwise) With JJ Ramberg - Jean Chatzky - Making money make sense
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Ep 73: Launch Your Gig (Side Or Otherwise) With JJ Ramberg

C’mon, admit it. You’ve thought about starting a business, launching a side gig or taking that brilliant idea of yours and seeing if it actually has legs. You’re not alone: The number of women-owned businesses jumped by 45 percent between 2007 and 2016. And JJ Ramberg, host of Your Business on MSNBC and founder of Goodshop.com, can help you make it happen. We dissect the DNA of successful female entrepreneurs, their common characteristics and their money musts. Then, Kelly and I answer your questions on pensions, free FICO scores and investment moves to make in college. Plus, we talk about how to pay taxes when your income isn’t exactly regular. As always, please share us with your family and friends — and rate us on Apple Podcasts!