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Ep 69: Renting The Runway With Jennifer Hyman

The average woman buys 64 items of clothing every year, then wears each one just three times or less. If that makes you stop and count, then this week’s episode will be an eye-opener. Jennifer Hyman, founder and CEO of Rent The Runway, says Instagram (and the fact that many folks don’t want to be snapped in the same outfit more than once) has completely changed the way we shop for clothes. She argues it makes more sense to rent — not just for a special occasion, but for day-to-day. (Oh, and tune in to find out how 100 HerMoney listeners can get a month of Rent The Runway unlimited free.) Then, Kelly and I hash out budget-tracking apps, the latest options to refinance student loan debt and whether a Roth IRA will help you save more. Please leave us a review, and share us with your friends!