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Ep 68: Dear Debt, I’m Not That Into You With Melanie Lockert

If you were to write a kiss-off letter to that whopping student loan or credit card bill you’re carrying, what would it say? How would it feel to get all of those thoughts and emotions out into the open? Blogger Melanie Lockert, author of the book Dear Debt, knows the answers. Melanie shares how she finally made the critical mid shift from complete denial of her own $81,000 in student loan debt, to being obsessed about paying it off — and then got other people to face the financial music, too. Then, Kelly and I weave through the ins and outs of 403(b)s, the hidden allure of tag sales and the importance of saving automatically even while you are, yes, digging yourself out of debt. Plus, if some company has ripped you off, send your complaint our way: Hayden Field, our “Hayden Helps” is on the case. Maybe she can get your moolah back.