Ep 61: Make More Money With The Penny Hoarder's Kyle Taylor - Jean Chatzky - Making money make sense
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Ep 61: Make More Money With The Penny Hoarder’s Kyle Taylor

This week, we’ve got a ramen-to-riches story for you. Kyle Taylor, founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder (a booming personal finance site) had a spending addiction and could not, would not, ask his parents to bail him out one more time. So he started gigging (i.e. beer auditing, movie preview auditor). Then he started blogging about how you could do the same. And that blog has now become big business.  If you’ve ever wanted to earn some extra money on the side — or write (profitably) about your passion, we’ve got the skinny. Plus, Kelly and I answer your questions on inheritance, saving for a down payment and retirement planning for the self-employed. And, finally, meet Hayden Field from the HerMoney team! Hayden explains the money-saving art of app stacking. As always, please share us with your girlfriends and leave us a review.