Ep 111: Making An Impact With Facebook’s Jennifer Dulski

How do you feel about what you’re doing with your time? Is it shaping your world — or the world in general — in a way that makes you feel good? Do you feel like you’re having an impact? And, if not, how can you go about shaking that up? That’s the topic we tackle this week with Facebook’s Head of Groups and Community Jennifer Dulski. She’s out with the new book, “Purposeful: Are you a manager or a movement starter?” She helps us answer that question and shares some of the steps and leadership skills necessary for taking an idea from germ to impact. And she helps us fine tune your pitch to get others to support your purpose financially. In Mailbag, we discuss merging finances with partners and how to shop for health insurance when you have a disability. Plus, now you can ask your Amazon Alexa which credit card you should get? The bigger question though: Should you be asking her? We discuss.

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