Ep 110: Jean’s OB-GYN On The Costs Of Being A Woman

There are many things women are better at than men, but taking care of our health isn’t necessarily one of them. A study from ZocDoc shows that when we’re sick, roughly 66% of us would rather wait it out than make a doctor’s appointment (only half of men say the same, by the way). We’re also more likely than men to put off preventative care. Sometimes we do this for financial reasons…sometimes because we just don’t want to go. That’s why it helps to have a doctor you like, one you can talk to and one you want to go out to lunch with after your appointment. And since so many of you aren’t talking with your own doctors, we thought maybe you’d like to talk to Jean’s longtime OB-GYN and friend, Dr. Rebecca Brightman. We cover costs and considerations for women’s health in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Kelly and I answer your questions on how to manage an income when a big portion of it is a bonus — and what you can do with an excellent credit score. And if you’re married and just got promoted, you may have just doubled your odds of getting divorced. We’re not kidding. We discuss the (infuriating) research in Thrive.

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