Ep 109: Think Like A Futurist. Your Career & Finances Will Thank You For It

Here’s a scary stat: In 10 years, 50% of today’s occupations will be extinct. Not a good mic-drop moment. That’s why, when it comes to our careers, it’s time to start thinking like a futurist. Executive coach Liz Bentley is here to get our heads in the game. We discuss the importance of knowing your audience, asking for feedback and how both will help you constantly evolve. We also talk about failure and why Liz thinks it’s so great: “…it means you’re going for something that’s bigger than you.” Mailbag starts out with story time. You get to hear how Jean was “the worst assistant ever” and how she met her husband, Eliot. (Kelly apologizes in advance for her various degrees of laughter.) We answer your questions on getting college grads ready for the job hunt and considering tax implications for hiring a personal assistant. And since we were on the subject of taxes, we close with news you need to know for your paychecks in 2018. Because of the new tax law, you might’ve noticed a bump in your take-home pay. Before you celebrate, listen to this Thrive.

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