Ep 107: A Candid Conversation On Death, Grief And Money With The Authors Of Modern Loss

Talking about money can be awkward. Talking about death can be awkward. Talking about them in the same conversation? Don’t even get us started. That’s why we invited Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, authors of the website and now book, “Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome.” And that’s exactly where we start. We discuss grief, family dynamics, inheritances, wills, the importance of having good executors and what to say to people when it feels like there are no right words. Kelly and I answer your questions on HSAs, post-divorce retirement considerations and preparing college grads for managing money in the real world. We close with the importance of protecting the stay-at-home spouse — financially, of course. We tell you how. Have you tried listening to HerMoney on your Amazon Alexa yet? Get the skill enabled here, rate, review and then let us know in the Mailbag entry on JeanChatzky.com. Kelly will add you to the invite list for our *Private* HerMoney Facebook group.

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