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More Than 8 Out Of 10 Workers Are Under Moderate Or High Financial Stress

Help your employees get their financial lives (back) on track with my time-tested advice and strategies.

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Whether they’re having trouble paying their bills, carrying an uncomfortable amount of debt, anxious about retirement or college costs or lacking financial organization, the burden of their financial issues is impacting your employees at work.

A staggering 83 percent of human resources pros say financial problems are impacting the performance of their employees.  Absenteeism is also an issue.

And there’s a bigger problem coming down the line:

Employees who aren’t succeeding financially are not going to retire in a timely manner tomorrow. They’ll age on your payroll, adding to your healthcare costs and drawing large salaries at the same time.

Enter Money School, my revolutionary financial education platform designed to put your employees back in the driver’s seat. It can give them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their financial lives. Your organization reaps the benefits.

What Is Money School?

Money School is a series of classes I developed after more than two decades in the personal finance industry that I teach via video.

The classes are designed to be consumed at the user’s convenience, with each course broken down into short, five-to-10 minute sessions, followed by quick quizzes to aid in retention. This allows users to move at their own pace and to repeat any segments they’d like to hear again.

Comprehensive tools — like budget spreadsheets, spending trackers, and life insurance worksheets — are provided, along with worksheets and slide downloads.

There’s also an office hours component, so that your employees can get their questions answered by a member of the Money School team.

Why Should You Get Money School For Your Employees?

When financial wellness support is provided as part of a holistic employee benefits package, your team will be more focused, constructive and present. That translates to a financial benefit for employers – both today and for the future.

If you’re interested in adding Money School to your organization’s employee benefits package, let’s talk.

These Money School Classes Will Help Your Employees Conquer Their Toughest Personal Financial Issues

  • Improving Finances
  • Budgeting
  • Eliminating Debt
  • Saving Money
  • Retirement
  • Protecting Wealth
  • Jumpstart Your Finances

    (How Even Beginners Can Take Financial Control)

    Not sure where to start? When it comes to your money, I’ve got your answer. This class is the foundation for getting your finances on track and building a secure future.

    We’ll hit on the most important areas of your financial life – smart spending, supercharged saving, conquering debt, managing your credit, and protecting yourself and your family – and help you build momentum to move in the right direction. You’ll emerge with a checklist of exactly what you have to do next.

  • Budgeting Bootcamp

    When you live below your means, you can save, you can pay down debt, you can invest.

    When you don’t, you’re constantly struggling to get ahead. In this class, I’ll teach you how to create a smart spending plan (or budget, for those of you who don’t think that’s a dirty word).

    I’ll help you figure out where, exactly, your money is going, where it should be going, and how to get from point A to point Z. Then I’ll show you my favorite high- and low-tech ways to make spending less than you make a habit you’ll stick to for the rest of your life.

  • The Debt Diet

    (Pay It Down! And Build Your Credit Up)

    This is the course that has helped millions of people get out of debt on just $10 a day.

    It was the basis for The Debt Diet on the Oprah Winfrey Show (though it’s been updated for today’s tougher credit environment). I’ll help you find that extra money to throw toward your debts, figure out which to pay off first and boost your credit score to lower your interest rates.

    Bonus: You’ll learn how to build emergency savings simultaneously.

  • A Crash Course in Saving More (and Spending Less)

    Chances are, you don’t save enough. Most people don’t.

    That’s likely for two reasons: You don’t have the tactical skills that can help you save money (by spending less) on just about everything and you don’t know the mind games that are crucial for saving success.

    In this course, I’ll teach you both. You’ll also learn my all-important Hierarchy of Savings Needs (yes, there is an order to saving — and you should follow it.) And I’ll show you precisely where to put savings to earn the most on your money.

  • Yes, You Can Retire

    Despite what you’ve heard, you can retire – and live as well as you’re living today, if not better.

    In this course, I’ll help you outline your retirement goals and calculate how much cash you’ll need on hand to meet them. We’ll discuss how to invest the money you’re saving so that it can do its best work for you.

    We’ll discuss the ins and outs of Social Security–how it plays into the picture and when to take it. And then, we’ll focus on making your money last as long as you do.

  • Protect Your Financial Life

    Once you’re on track to building a secure financial future, you need to protect the blocks you’ve put in place.

    In this class, we’ll talk about how you can do that. We’ll go over your insurance options — life, disability and long-term care — as well as estate planning must-haves like wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies.

    All of these help you protect yourself, and your wealth, without worry, so you can enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

See What Your Employees Will Experience

Want to get a taste of the Money School experience your employees will encounter? Click here to view our sample version of the Jumpstart Your Finances course, the starter course within Money School.

Money School Participants Have Given A BIG Stamp Of Approval!

“After last week’s class I have saved over $3,000 per year!! No one should miss class!”
– Kenny, Jumpstart Your Finances participant
“I am actually excited to start budgeting!”
– Katie, Budgeting Bootcamp participant
“I left the session with many clear cut to-do list items that I am definitely planning on implementing.”
– Jan, Jumpstart Your Finances participant

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