Money School

Money School helps you take control of your financial life with simple video classes covering topics you need to understand in order to manage your money wisely. We’ll talk about debt, and how to get out of it. I’ll teach you how to budget, and give you the tools to do it. We’ll go over how much you need for retirement, how you can save to reach that goal, and the protections that can help you secure your financial future.

“After last week’s class I have saved over $3,000 per year!! No one should miss class!” — Kenny, Jumpstart Your Finances participant

“I am actually excited to start budgeting!” — Katie, Budgeting Bootcamp participant

“I left the session with many clear cut to-do list items that I am definitely planning on implementing.” — Jan, Jumpstart Your Finances participant

“I’ve always wanted to find a money course but was intimidated by the sentiment that I’d not saved enough already and had no chance at retiring.  Your energy and step-wise logic was comforting.  Glad I signed for all sessions!” — Susan, Jumpstart Your Finances participant