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Late night interview

microphoneTonight, I was on Larry King talking about the stimulus package. The truth is, we all needed a little stimulus, since this special episode aired at midnight following President Obama’s speech!

Fear Of Costco

shoppingcartThe last time I went to Costco — about three years ago — I came out with two bathing suits my daughter never wore, boxes of snack foods that purchased in a normal size my family would have devoured but in supersize we never seemed to eat, and a surprisingly  big charge on my credit card.  One friend of mine went in for dog food and came out with a tent.  Yet I know others, people I trust, for whom a trip to Costco is a bi-weekly must.  They swear by the white fish salad, the bags of frozen shrimp, the turkey meatballs.

I was afraid to get back in there, renew my membership and start again.  But this weekend an opportunity presented itself. (more…)

Debit or credit?

Credit card backgroundThis was the question posed to me in a segment on Today this morning with Meredith Vieira. You might think these cards are one and the same – after all, it’s all plastic, and if you pay your credit card bill off every month, does it really make a difference? But the two payment options come with different rewards, different identity theft protections, and different psychological effects – credit cards can actually make you spend more.

Watch the segment below: