Ep 115: Our Girlfriend’s Financial Guide To Divorce

You asked, we listened: This week we’re talking about divorce — an important topic for all women whether you’re single, engaged or married. That’s why we brought in one of our go-to sources, divorce expert Stacy Francis, who recently wrote a white paper about the many financial challenges women face during and after divorce — based on first-hand research with 150 women. We discuss her surprising findings (e.g. many women feel most confident in their abilities to handle money when we’re single) and offer some advice on how to deal with divorce if it happens (or you suspect it might). In Mailbag, we cover your questions on balance transfer offers, investments for women in their 70s and how to prioritize retirement savings when paying off student debt. Then stick around for a brief discussion on financial infidelity in Thrive — have you committed it?

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