November 14, 2017

This Week In Your Wallet: Deadline To Save On Holiday Airfare

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year. If you’re headed down the Jersey Turnpike next Thursday morning, that’ll be me in the blue Volvo wagon with a load of pies in the cooler in the trunk. The arrival of this holiday marks more than a day of great […]

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November 7, 2017

This Week In Your Wallet: How The New Tax Bill Could Affect You

It’s election day. And also my birthday. (Woo-hoo!) As a present — please vote. And, if you haven’t already, subscribe to HerMoney Podcast and share it with a friend you love. Here’s the link. Or, please give the gift of this newsletter to a friend you think might enjoy it by signing him or her up here. […]

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October 31, 2017

This Week In Your Wallet: Why Everyone’s Talking About Your 401(k)

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a spooky statistic: Nearly half of families have no retirement account savings at all, according to a 2016 report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). That’s why the talk of slashing the amount of pretax money Americans can sock into their 401(k) retirement plans each year from the current $18,000 ($24,000 if […]

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October 27, 2017

This Week In your Wallet: The Lowdown On Healthcare

If it’s October, then it’s Open Enrollment — or at least time to talk about it. The limited time period in which you can make healthcare changes if you’re on Medicare kicked off October 15. It starts November 1 for the ACA, and it’s on a similar schedule for most employers — which is why […]

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